Tickets & Floorside Tables

ADVANCED ENTRY If you wish to reserve tickets in advance or reserve a floor-side table, please email us via and we will reserve these for you.


Registering your competitors entry in advance and reserving all tickets at the same time means that you will spend less time in the queue and more time practicing and getting organised for the day ahead. Simply collect your competitors number on arrival.

Advance registration also ensures that your entry and participation is already recorded with our Scrutineer which assists the organisers and ensures an event which runs smoothly. Your competing number is issued and will simply await your collection on the day. If for any reason you remain unsure of any aspect of the process for entry and ticket purchase, please do contact us directly.

Main arena floorplan & available tables for reservation

SVOS BLC 311021 floor plan.jpg

The main arena is set up to provide a consistent theme at each of our events so as to provide familiarity for all guests and competitors as well as to maximise the dance floor area to a size of 25-28M x 16 - 18M. This indeed is a very large floor allowing for competitors of all levels to comfortably deliver their performance. At each event we offer the opportunity to reserve fabulous round floor-side tables numbered 1 - 14 which provide 10 seats per table, are smartly dressed and offer bottled water, mints and light snacks as refreshments for guests. These tables provide the perfect viewing opportunity for all of the action and of course in the upmost of comfort. Tables are reserved by sending an e-mail to:

Tables can be acquired for either the Juvenile & Junior sessions, Adults or both sessions and the cost to utilise a table is £40.00 per session.


Please note that tables are booked in addition to the standard entry fees for competitors and spectators, booking a table alone does not provide entry to the event. Tables are naturally very popular and generally are sold out a week prior to the event taking place, so do not delay if you wish to secure one! 

Check our Facebook page for the latest updates on remaining table availability for the next events.

See you there!

The SVOS Team